The Mavadisc Horizontal Pressure Plate Filter







  • Closed system
  • Elimination of danger
    from toxic or flammable
  • Even cake deposition
  • Sterile processes easily
  • Totally automatic removal
    of cake by rotation
  • No product losses

Horizontal Dished and
Dimpled Filter Plates

  • Complete drainage of filtrate

  • No residual liquid remains, cake stays dry
  • Heel filtration, cake
    washing, extraction by
    cascade method
  • No filtrate loss,
    No mixing of batches by
    successive washing
  • Plates are self-supporting
    no outer supports, which
    would interfere with cake discharge,
    are needed
  • Minimum use of wash liquid or solvent
Top Mounted Drive System
  • Main bearings never come into contact with the media
  • Eliminates breakdown due to attack on main bearing
  • Cone bottom allows for dry cake discharge
  • Eliminates the need for additional equipment to obtain a dry cake